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Que será, será

Here we are, in the swing of summer with yet another school year at Camelot Kids in the books!

After a brief break for us here at Camelot we are back at it with Summer Camp! Some families have moved on from CK, always a bitter sweet transition, while some are off trotting the globe and still others here in LA making the most with their busy schedules. Wherever you are, we hope this trip down memory lane from 2018-2019 Graduation and Summer Serenade is a sweet surprise!

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Too many cute moments, right!?!

These kiddos work hard all year - learning, growing, playing and becoming the awesome young people they are. They especially work hard at the end of the year to put on a super fun final school year show. We are always tickled + impressed by how well they do and how much fun they have! Even shy ones seem to love the dress up, singing and smiles of it all.

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The end of the school year, with graduation all abuzz and families excited for the finale, wouldn't be complete without a party to celebrate! Our Summer Serenade is just the festive time we need to give our final hugs and let loose for summer.

Time to party with DJ Daisy O'Dell on the one's and two's!


“Remember to celebrate milestones as you

prepare for the road ahead.”

– Nelson Mandela

The community we have here in the heart of Silver Lake, Los Feliz and neighborhoods

"Just West of the East Side" is near and dear to our hearts, as we hope it is to yours. The friendships that we see blossom at Camelot Kids and Little Knight LA year after year are the foundation for lifelong memories. We value each and every person that comes through our school doors, each teacher that helps CK grow and every parent, grandparent and family friend we get to meet along the way.

We do not take lightly your time, energy, trust and consideration when choosing an education for your children and coming to Camelot Kids LA. What a rockin' school year we had!

XOXO - Camelot Kids Staff! P.S. Don't hesitate to share your summer fun!

Tag us in your summer pics: #LongLiveCamelot #CamelotKidsLA

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