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Camelot Kids Enrollment Details 

(Please read below for waitlist options)

If you are interested in applying to Camelot Kids, please follow the requirements below and correspond via email only. Our administration, faculty, and staff thank you for considering us in your child’s educational future.

Please read this entire page as it covers in detail our admissions process, dates and application requirements. ​


 Admissions Process
  • Step 1 - Fill out Online Interest Application  + $50 - (wait list) and Step 2 - Enrollment Application

  • Step 1a - RSVP for Open House

    • This step cannot be done without doing Step 1

    • The RSVP Link will only be emailed to people who are on the current wait list

  • Step 1b - Attend Open House

  • Step 2  - Enrollment Application 

  • Step 3 - Intake Meeting

  • Step 4 – Acceptance Into Program

  • Step 5 - Remaining on the Waitlist

​Additional Information:

  • RE-ENROLLMENT  – CLOSES JANUARY 15TH (for currently enrolled families)

  • SIBLING PRIORITY APPLICATION – CLOSES FEBRUARY 1ST (for currently enrolled families)

  • KINDERGARTEN APPLICATION - CLOSES FEBRUARY 1ST (for currently enrolled families)


Step 1 - Wait List

Anybody who wishes to be placed on our current wait list and be considered for future spaces:

  • Fill out the Interest Application (link box above)

  • Send the receipt along with a non-refundable $50 wait list application fee to Camelot Kids.

  • Once we process your Interest Form we will email you a receipt, this is your wait list confirmation. 

  • You will be notified via email regarding our annual “Open House”, orientation dates, special events and application/enrollment procedures.

Step 1a - RSVP to Open House

RSVP link will be emailed to parents who have completed Step 1 and filled out our online Interest Application and submitted the $50 application fee.

Step 1b - Open House

We hold our Open House once a year in January by invitation only to the parents on our current wait list.  Everyone on our wait list will be notified via email of the date and requirements to attend. You must also RSVP if you wish to attend via our Open House Invitation. *Note: This is an adult only event – please arrange for child care during the tour.


It is imperative that you do not miss this tour if you are interested in enrolling for the upcoming school year. *Note: There is no need to attend the open house if you have already done so or if you are an alumni family wishing to enroll a sibling.


The Open House will cover the following:

  • Philosophy and programs

  • Question and Answer

  • Meet the staff / Classroom observations

  • Tour of the school


Note: If you miss the open house you are still able to apply by filling out our Enrollment Application by February 1st. However, we do not do one on one tours throughout the year as it is disruptive to the children in our program.


Step 2 - Application Process

Once you have attended our Open House and are interested in applying for the upcoming school year. You must submit an Enrollment Application by February 1st. 

  • We consider all applications and schedule intake meetings during February and March with all potential families based on the spaces we have available. If you miss the cutoff date, you can still apply as spots do occasionally open during the school year.

  • Applications will not be accepted unless the Interest Application (Step 1) has been submitted along with the $50 wait list application fee.


Step 3 - Intake Meetings

This is a small group meeting with our Admissions Team, where you will be given an opportunity to ask questions and for us to learn more about your family. You will be given all the necessary information for enrollment.  It is mandatory to bring your child to this meeting.


Step 4 - Acceptance into Program -- Last Thursday in February


Once you have had an intake meeting, you will be notified if you have been accepted in to our program. Please note that this depends on our capacity and whether space is available and whether we feel your child/family would be a good fit with our program.


All families on our wait list will receive notification of acceptance to our program by the last Thursday in February each year. You will be notified of your start date and schedule. At this time you would be required to fill out our Preschool/Kindergarten Registration Packet and supply all necessary immunization records, a non-refundable enrollment deposit. This deposit is due the first Monday following decisions and applied to your first month’s tuition and annual fees.

*Note: No child will be permitted to start until all paper work and payment is complete, handed into our office.



Is required upon initial enrollment for new families & siblings of current enrolled families in order to secure your child’s placement in the program.   

  • First month tuition (Based on your child’s schedule)

  • Deposit – (one-time fee)  Applied to last month’s tuition or toward cancellation fee if leaving before graduating as a Big or Rainbow Dragon

  • Registration fee

  • Building & Maintenance fee

  • Material fee

  • Earthquake Kit fee

  • Re-enrollment--Closes January 15th (For Currently Enrolled Families)


Please refer to Tuition Schedule for current rates.

In the event that you need to withdraw your child from the program, we require 30 days written notice before your scheduled start date. If less than 30 days’ notice is given completion of your first months tuition payment is required in addition to a $1000 cancellation fee. The ENTIRE enrollment deposit is non-refundable. No exceptions.


Step 5 -Remaining on the Wait List

Anyone who was not offered a space into the program will automatically remain on our wait list to be considered for any openings that may occur. If you do not wish to remain on our wait list please email to be removed from our database.


Re-enrollment -- Closes January 15th (For Currently Enrolled Families)

Re-enrollment for our current families closes on January 15th  each year. This is a chance for our current enrolled families to change their schedules. It is also the time when any current family who wishes to apply for a sibling must do so. Please fill out the Re-Enrollment Application and submit  by January 15th.  The  non-refundable registration fee is due by February 1st. *Note: If you do not submit this form by the closing date, your space or schedule will be offered to our wait listed families.

Kindergarten Application--Closes February 1st

Sibling Priority Application -- Closes February 1st (For Currently Enrolled Families)

The term “sibling application” refers to brothers and sisters of children CURRENTLY enrolled in the school. In addition to filling out the Enrollment Application form all siblings who wish to be considered need to fill out our online Interest Application and submit with $50 application fee.


We will be closing our applications for siblings February 1st.


We consider sibling applications with priority BUT ONLY WITH REGARD TO THE ONGOING NEEDS OF THE SCHOOL. NO SIBLING APPLICATION SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AS A GUARANTEE OF AUTOMATIC OR EVEN EVENTUAL ACCEPTANCE, but rather as an application that carries with it a priority status.


You will be notified by by the last Thursday in February of your child’s enrollment status for the upcoming school year. At that time you will be required to fill out our Pre-School Registration Packet and submit it with a non-refundable deposit by the first Monday following decisions. This will secure your space at Camelot for the New School Year.


Kindergarten Application -- Closes February 1st (For Currently Enrolled Families)

Kinder Enrollment Deposit: For those Big Dragons who intend to attend the Kinder Program at Camelot (the “Kinder Program”), the deposit to participate in that program (the “Kinder Enrollment Deposit”) is due by February 1st – NON REFUNDABLE

  • 1st month tuition – Sept (check website for current rates) – Feb 1st

  • Registration – Feb 1st

  • The remaining annual fees will be due September 1st. 

  • Building & Maintenance fee

  • Material fee 

  • Earthquake Kit fee


Thank you for your interest in Camelot Kids, for your child and your family. If you have further questions about admissions please contact us at:

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