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The Camelot Story

Dear Parents,


As a parent of three kids, I know of the multitude of educational choices that you have for your children, and I am excited about your interest in our wonderful program.  Childhood is a precious time of discovery, development and growth.  Children today face increasing pressures to grow up too fast, depriving them of fundamental early childhood experiences that help them become successful adults.  Camelot Kids is committed to preserving the experience of childhood while creating a fun, educational atmosphere.


Founded in 1997 as an after school program for Ivanhoe Elementary, Camelot Kids became a private preschool on February 14th, 2008.  Run by a small group of educators and parents searching for new and innovative approaches to educating the whole child, Camelot Kids pioneered the concept of an “education in balance” in our community. Today Camelot distinguishes itself from other independent preschools as a home for passionate ideas and personal expression.  Our programs are rich in academics, the arts, athletics, human development, and outdoor education. We aim to help cultivate a well-rounded child while meeting their emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development needs.


Finding the right preschool for your child is an exciting and challenging journey.  We pride ourselves in making this process as easy as possible.  I am confident you will find Camelot Kids a place with a rich legacy of innovation, where education in balance thrives.


I look forward for you to visit our school and learn more about our wonderful programs.



Renae Plant

Director, Camelot Kids

Love Letters: Testimonials from Families

I don’t even know where to begin with my thank U’s! From the love you’ve consistently given day by day, to community, quality education, the peace and acceptance, for fighting the battle side by side, the tears, the laugher, the joy, the happiness. For every smile the both came home with after school; for the hugs and every morning greeting to Sammy reading his first words and Noah writing his first letters. For being our safe haven & helping raise our little warriors. We love you! 12/2022

We love you so much! Thank you for your undying wisdom, warmth & patience. We’re so happy to be part of the family and have both kids here next year. Dan & Maggie

I love you so much. I love that you are the principal. I love Camelot. Viggo – aged 4

This year has been such an incredible blessing in our lives. I’ve watched as Camelot has shepherded my baby into a confident, joyful little boy. I’m thrilled he has more Camelot time to come. ..and me too!. I love the people you have created. Thanks for including us. M.E. & Charlie

I find myself writing this with a lump in my throat because I am so so happy that you care and it shows. I am so proud that I know a woman in the community that puts others before herself. I am deeply grateful that you are helping the public schools. They could use an injection of Renae Plant. You are strong. I know in my heart of hearts you are one of those women who have that thing. That thing that moves the needle with ideals, education and growth. Cindy

I'd like to thank you For who you are For what you do For the energy you put into the Universe For inspiring everyone To be their better selves For always offering a hand For your laughter Your joy Your tears Your sweat For your wild and beautiful heart For never letting NO win For moving mountains For keeping the world spinning In the cup of your warm hands For your love Your integrity Your true friendship And your wonderful family. GEO

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Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have our son at Camelot Kids. You have created an amazing place full of love, learning and laughter. Sara

We can’t thank you enough for all the work that you do behind the scene to create such a thoughtful, nurturing and communal learning environment. From the very first time we walked into Camelot for the orientation, we knew in our gut that this was the right place for our son. And day after day you have confirmed that we have made the very best choice for our son and our family. Ali

Thank you for dreaming up Camelot! We don’t know how you do it, but you manage to pull off everything so brilliantly and with such ease. Thank you for that and for taking such good care of our family. The Hearty Family

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