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Established in 2008

Camelot (noun):  
an idealized time and place; one regarded as enlightened, beautiful and peaceful.


Royal Family

The Castle

Camelot Kids - Renae Plant - family
Camelot Kids LA Campus


The Court

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Our Noble Court



Australian native Renae Plant rescued Camelot Kids from closure on February 14, 2008, along with her husband, Livinio, and a handful of parents who believed that Camelot should remain a community preschool.


Over the years they have amassed a talented, caring and exceptional group of individuals that form the Camelot Kids staff. Our court holds strong at 30 staff members, about two dozen Camelot Critters that live in our castle and over 200 community families.




Founded in 1997, as an after school program for Ivanhoe Elementary School, Camelot Kids Preschool became a privately family owned and run licensed preschool when it moved to its current location on February 14, 2008.

Camelot Kids and Little Knights is a preschool, kindergarten and community center in the heart of Los Angeles. It stands as a veritable FORTRESS in the big city.

The building, its materials and colors all reflect a sustainable, thoughtful design approach. All decisions are made to create an environment conducive to learning, and every person involved in this magical kingdom participates for the greater good of the whole. We are the happiest school in all the land.


Within our walls is a preschool and kindergarten palisade, a place where community members can trust that their children will be guided to their full potential.

We strive to create a warm and inviting sense of community among our parents, children, and staff. 

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