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Camelot Kids Enrichment Classes are offered to children attending Camelot Kids and/or surrounding area children two years of age and up to entering first grade.  Click on the photos below for a brief description of each class. Winter Enrichment Classes, January 13 - March 16, 2020.

NOTE: Classes are additional and are paid for separately.

Photography - 2:45-3:30pm
Does your child love to break your camera! (I mean try to use it…) If so, this is the class for them. In this 8 week class children will learn how to properly hold and take “care” of their very own camera as well as learn about various camera techniques (portrait, landscape and black & white photos). Themes will be implemented (i.e. colors, shapes, compositions and self-portraits) for the children to “shoot for”.
Jewelry Making - 4:00 - 4:45pm
Don’t just wear jewelry…Make it! In this class we will make jewelry from all sorts of materials. You will learn how to make your own paper beads for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We will also explore different techniques for making beads with polymer clay and fun macramé friendship bracelets.
Canvas Kids - 2:45-3:30pm
This super fun hands-on art class is for all budding young artists. This class will aim to get children interested in the different realms/genre of art. While encouraging their imagination to soar with creativity.
Hip Hop Dance  - 4:00–4:45pm
Mr.Kirby is back at Camelot and ready to explore HIP HOP dance with our Dragons! While we are exploring hip hop our kids are also encouraged to use some creative expression when dancing through storytelling as well as creating their own moves to share with the class!
Soccer - 2:45-3:30pm
Our soccer program is brought to you by Paris Saint German Academy, designed for children ages 3-5 to introduce them to the game of soccer. Soccer not only teaches children the basic skills of soccer but places a high emphasis on character development as well. Children benefit with increased psychomotor development through fun fitness activities. They are exposed to group and team concepts, character formation and lessons in honesty, sharing, respect, and self-control.
Messy Madness - 4:00–4:45pm
Paint, play dough, mud, sand, paper mache, water, shaving cream, slime, pudding, glue…. The opportunities are endless, and oh, so messy!!! This fun sensory filled class will explore some messy science, fun art opportunities and gak & slime galore! Here is your chance to let your kids explore all the things you would never let them try in your own home!
Camelot Chefs - 2:45-3:30pm
In this interactive hands on cooking class our students will measure, pour and stir their way to something delicious each week. At the end they will be able to eat whatever they have made for that day. In the end you will receive a Camelot Cookbook of all the recipes they have made. Cooking reinforces academic and social skills, such as sequencing, following directions, hand- eye coordination, cause and effect, mathematics, teamwork, and cooperation.
Magic - 4:00–4:45pm
Is your child interested in magic? Do they enjoy being the life of the party? If so this class is for them. The children will learn about various forms of simple magic and optical illusion. Children love learning with Mr. Frank and at the end of the session they will perform their very own magic show!
Water Color Exploration -2:45-3:30pm
Learn the basics of water colors by starting off with a foundation of good technique for mixing paint, caring for a brush and stroke-making. Then crate some amazing art that will be shown at our art walk at the end of the 8 week session! From splatter paint to precise strokes this class is one for the budding artist!
Lego Masters  - 4:00–4:45pm
Your Dragon will use their favorite building toys to tell their very own stories! We will talk about the elements of a story in a fascinating way! They will create their own characters, scenes and story lines with our help and guidance. After all of the stories are created and captured on camera, you will have a special memory to treasure forever.
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We are pleased to offer an array of challenging and fun Enrichment Classes during the school year and as a part of our summer program. Please download the Enrichment Application below to sign up.

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