Enrichment Classes

Camelot Kids Enrichment Classes are offered to children attending Camelot Kids and/or surrounding area children two years of age and up to entering first grade.  Click on the photos below for a brief description of each class. NOTE: Classes are additional and are paid for separately.

Stay Tuned for Spring 2021 Enrichment / Dates TBD

Monday - Friday / 2:45pm - 3:30pm & 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Stomping, Drumming & Strumming
Have you noticed the rhythms that surround you? We find rhythms in the natural world: In the rain, in the call of a bird, in the walk of an animal, we find them in mother’s kitchen: cooking, cutting, cleaning, washing and mixing, when we travel by foot, car, train or bicycle and go to different places. We move, stomp and drum with these rhythms and create soundscapes with a variety of instruments like clave sticks, drums, rainmaker, singing bowls, ukuleles and rattles.
Tiny Tales Story Play
Tiny Tales is an acting and ensemble based storytelling workshop for kids and their vivid imaginations. Throughout each class, kids will participate in collaborative storytelling that will result in a tale entirely created by those in the class. Then they will get a chance to perform it at the end, spark your child's imagination and stimulate curiosity by signing up for this class. During this 8 week session, the Tiny Tales artists will work together to create a book of tales to share with all.
Crafting, Music & Movement
This class fuses music, movement and art through constructive activities such as storytime, music, sensory play and arts and crafts. Get ready to explore all 5 senses through water play, paint drumming, exploring movement concepts and participating in musical interactions with objects and others.
Around the World
Come travel the 7 continents while discussing different food, cultures & places from all over the world. This class is geared toward exposing children to different cultures, landmarks and lifestyles. Children will sample food, listen to music and make art projects around each destination that they visit and fill in their “Camelot Passport” Don’t miss out on this around-the world experience!
Our soccer program is brought to you by Paris Saint German Academy, designed for children ages 3-5 to introduce them to the game of soccer. Soccer not only teaches children the basic skills of soccer but places a high emphasis on character development as well. Children benefit with increased psychomotor development through fun fitness activities. They are exposed to group and team concepts, character formation and lessons in honesty, sharing, respect, and self-control.
The Mysteries of Magic
Is your child interested in magic? Do they enjoy being the life of the party? If so this class is for them. The children will learn about various forms of simple magic and optical illusion. Children love learning with Mr. Frank and at the end of the session they will perform their very own magic show!
Sensory Shenanigans!
"This multi-sensory class engages your child’s developing mind and imagination through exploring touch, smell, sight, and sound. Each week we’ll draw inspiration from some of our favorite works of art, books, and even songs to guide us through our activities.

Our first week, we’ll dive into Van Gogh’s "The Starry Night” and explore the colors, recreate the textures, listen to sounds inspired by the outdoors at night, and smell the scents of grass and lavender."
Pixies, Fairies and Imps
Enter the land of magic and fantasy. In celebration of spring time, we rejoice in this very popular wonderful and interactive class which allows your child to listen to and write their very own fairy tale, dream, design, and create their own wands, crowns and glittery mystical things. We will end the class with a Festival of Fairies, Pixies & Imps tea party. Let the glitter begin….
Outdoor Explorers
Decorate your own vest and become an official outdoor explorer! Check out cool science experiments, bug investigations and learn about plants and the outdoors. While engaging children's natural curiosity and wonder we will explore gardening and watch some seeds grow, go on a garden scavenger hunt, make pressed flower art and recycle old cartons into new ones for birds to feed and plants to grow! We can't wait for this hands on class to inspire your child’s love for nature!
Mixed Media Art
Explore 8 different types of hands on art through sculpture, painting, collaborative art and more. This early art class gives young children an age-appropriate intro to texture, color and shapes. Exploration of how to manipulate essential art media, and child-sized art tools bring your child’s very first art experiences to life. At the end of the class we will have an art show where your child will get to pick out their most favorite item they have made in the class to show at Camelot art expo!
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We are pleased to offer an array of challenging and fun Enrichment Classes during the school year and as a part of our summer program. Please download the Enrichment Application below to sign up.

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