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Camelot in the Press

Los Feliz Ledger

Los Feliz Ledger. Camp Camelot Kicks Off! July 2020

SoCal 3D Homes

Camelot Kids LA goes 3D with a virtual school tour during COVID-19 pandemic. July 2020

Archinect News

Archinect News. DESIGN AWARD - HONOR: KeltnerCo Architecture + Design, Camelot Kids Child Development Center, Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Kevin Krupitzer. October 2018

LFL: Our Bread and Butter

Los Feliz Ledger. Camelot Kids: Dungeons and Dragons for the Pre-School Set. September 2018

LFL: Done with Disney Drama!

Los Feliz Ledger. $154K Later. After a year and a half of back-and-forth, the legal battle between Camelot Kids Preschool and the Disney family has finally ended. April 2017

Voyage LA

Voyage LA. Meet Renae Plant of Camelot Kids and Little Knights in Silver Lake. March 6, 2017

Red Tricycle. Just Opened: Little Knights Parent & Me Center. Escape the house after the newborn fog has lifted to spend some quality time bonding with your tiny tot, look no further than the new parent and me center, Little Knights, at Camelot Kids. November 2016

Red Tricycle. Totally Awesome Award Winner: A+ Pre-Schools & Day Care in Los Angeles. October 2016.

Australian Women's Weekly. The Aussie Child Whisperer, Renae Plant. January 2016.

Los Feliz Ledger. Disneys’ Legal Battle with Preschool. October 27, 2016

Parent Pick. The Most Coveted Preschools in LA September 3, 2015

Los Feliz Ledger. Disneys' Go After Camelot. Januart 28, 2016.

Sunshine Coast Daily. Eumundi gets a mention from LA Politician. April 21, 2015.

Los Feliz Ledger

Los Feliz Ledger. Renae Plant Among 13 Women Honored by U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff. April 7, 2015.


Capitol Words. A Tribute to Renae Plant – 28th Congressional District Woman Of The Year! MARCH 22, 2015.

Best of Silver Lake Awards

Best of Silver Lake 2014 Award Winner. “Best For Your Kids”. OCTOBER 16th, 2014.

Los Feliz Ledger. People in My Neighborhood, meet Renae Plant.

Dadsaster Interview

Dadsaster Interview – Surviving Marriage. JAMES BRALY, who’s written the most hilariously honest book about marriage, is our CELEBRIDAD. MARK & BRYAN talk about their marriages and get guidance from STEVE COOPER from and in studio guest RENAE PLANT. Conclusion? Kids can occasionally get in the way of a healthy marriage.

Dadsaster Interview

Dadsaster Interview – Potty Mouth. DADSASTER: Show Nine – Potty Mouth JASON SNELL (Editorial Director of Macworld, PCWorld, TechHive) is our CELEBRIDAD and discusses the impact of tech on kids. RENAE “Lotus Birth” PLANT pinpoints the best potty-training methods and helps out MIKE from who’s up the creek without a diaper. May 3, 2013.

Dadsaster interview – Placenta Stew. BILL HICKS’ brother STEVE is our “CELEBRIDAD” and talks candidly about growing up with one of the world’s greatest comedians in a strict Southern Baptist home. Our in-studio guest is Early Childhood Expert RENAE PLANT who had Lotus Births with all 3 of her kids. Lotus Births? You’re not gonna believe what that is. April 5, 2013.

Kids in the House

Kids In The House. Renae Plant, Preschooler Director, Provides Parenting Expertise, Advice, and Videos at April 5, 2013.


NBC4 Thanksgiving Spot. November 23, 2012. Sean Murphy Talks

Lotus Birth Explained - Renae Plant

Kids In The House – Apr 7, 2014. Renae Plant, Mother and Preschool Director, explains and describes the process of Lotus Birth, which is also known as Umbilical Cord Nonseverance or Umbilical Cord Unseverance.

Bizzie Mommie

BizzieMommy Interview with Ms. Renae Plant. April 7, 2011.

KMVD Channel 23

April 16, 2010. [bumpbabies], interview with Renae Plant, designer.

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