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Emergency Information

Fire Drills/Earthquake Drills

Every month we conduct practice fire drills or earthquake drills. These drills help aid the children in understanding how to properly evacuate our building in case of an emergency and educate them in various safety techniques to use in an emergency situation. Once a year we invite our local fire department to come and visit and discuss the importance of public safety. (It’s also fun to take photos with the firemen and their “Big Red Truck”!)


Earthquake Back Pack:


At Camelot we have an Earthquake Kit on site for use in the event of an emergency. We store food and fresh water, along with an earthquake pack for each child. There is an annual fee of $25 required to replenish these goods. If unused, kit supplies are consumed for snacks by the children before they expire and restocked each year.


For the earthquake pack* please include the following and bring the first day of school:

(*in a zip lock bag clearly labeled with your child’s name)

  • a pair of closed toed shoes

  • a change of clothes including a sweatshirt

  • a family photo

  • a comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, etc.)

  • clearly mark your child’s first and last name on the outside of the backpack.


Emergency Procedure:

In the event of an emergency, all parents will be notified via “One Call Now” phone system.  This is an automatic telephone response system that notifies all parents of any emergency information as well as where children are located in the event of an evacuation.  Normally all children will remain at Camelot until parents or caregivers are able to pick them up. If it is unsafe to remain at Camelot, all children will be moved to Ivanhoe Elementary.

Late Pick Up:

If a child is not picked up within thirty minutes after closing hours, they may be left in the care of LAPD personnel at the Northeast Division station of the Los Angeles Police Department (213) 485-2563, located at 3353 San Fernando Road Los Angeles California 90065.

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