Baby Blue Dragons

For children 2.5 to 3.5 years of age.


The toddler classroom is painted whisper blue.


Blue is the color of water and the sea, it represents life, peace and tranquility. Lighter shades of blue help calm students, especially those that are starting school for the first time. Blue is thought to help build trust and confidence and reduce behavior issues in the classroom.

Ms. Jahnia
Baby Blue Dragons
Ms Jahnia Headshot_ Baby Dept_Blue Dragon_edited.jpg

A Southern California native, Ms. Jahnia was born and raised in Los Angeles. Ms. Jahnia graduated from Hollywood High school, a performance arts school where she enjoyed singing, dancing, and theater!  Having a passion for children, Ms. Jahnia attended West Los Angeles College where she earned her Associate’s degree in Child Development. 

Currently she attends California State University, Dominguez Hills, where she is continuing her education in Child development with plans to earn her Bachelors. A love for teaching young minds & being able to be a part of each child’s individual growth is what drives her each day.

On weekends and in her spare time, Ms. Jahnia enjoys going to the gym to work out, hiking the many trails of LA, as well as bike riding. 

Ms. Zoe
Baby Blue Dragons

Ms. Zoe has a passion for helping kids realize their potential in a supportive environment. She has worked with kids for 6 years and is exploring the education field as she completes her degree in psychology and education at Occidental College. Born and raised in Burbank, she has taught gymnastics to little kids, where she learned her passion for child development and a career dedicated to the betterment of children’s’ lives. During the pandemic, she served families of autistic children and provided in-home behavioral therapy. She is also interested in the academic side of education and has tutored math professionally. 


As she has studied and worked in education thus far, she has begun developing a pedagogy that revolves around the socio-emotional part of development, and prioritizes creating a supportive environment in which children can feel free to be themselves and discover the world around them. She believes that with the right support, any child can achieve their highest dreams and goals. She strongly believes in validating the emotional experiences that children experience in their early lives, and that the skills needed to properly learn from them start forming early on. 

In her free time, Ms. Zoe loves to go hiking, camp at sequoia national park, struggle through knitting, and walk dogs for her community. She is a big animal and nature lover and feels at home in the great outdoors.

Ms. Gloria
Baby Blue Dragons

Ms. Gloria was born and raised in South Los Angeles. Her passion for the child development began when she had one of her own, her first child. Quickly, Ms Gloria grew very curious about what went on this little brain of his and had to learn more. Ms. Gloria attended LATTC in Los Angeles where she earned her units towards her Child Development degree, where she will continue her education next semester. 

Ms. Gloria has been working in the field of child development for eight years, where she gained NAEYC experience from the child care centers she has previously worked at. Outside of school, Ms. Gloria’s hobbies include hiking, taking trips to the beach, and cheering on her Green Bay Packers during football season.

 When Ms. Gloria is not at Camelot she also enjoys spending time with her children, taking them to theme parks, the zoo, neighborhood parks, dinner or just going out and spending quality time together.