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Big Orange Dragons

For children 4.5 to 5.5 years of age.


The Big “Orange” Dragons  classroom has vibrant orange accents which represents warmth and energy. It can stimulate activity and encourage socialization, which helps promote a sense of enthusiasm that will give them confidence when entering Kindergarten.


Children at this age experience a tremendous amount of physical, emotional and cognitive growth.


Our lessons are fun, interactive and emergent in the areas of literature, phonics, math, music, art, science and sensory motor skills.  We encourage your child to explore and think outside the box, helping to cultivate a love for wonder and learning. We also promise to have a ton of fun! We want our Camelot Kids to enter Kindergarten with self confidence, to be fearless and excited about the whole idea of school and learning.  Kids leave Camelot as "Confident Learners".  

Ms. Cintia
Department Head 
Big Orange Dragons and
Big Red Dragons

Ms. Cintia has been an early child development teacher for twenty years. She is committed to continuously improving to best inspire, and guide children. She has experience working with children from diverse backgrounds within birth to six years of age, has trained as a Montessori teacher, and taught at a Montessori classroom for 4 years where she was able to create an opportunity for children to engage and share in their learning.


Ms. Cintia comes from a very close-knit family. She grew up with her parents and three siblings, in Hollywood, CA, and has a 10 year old son named Israel. She attended Pierce College, and received an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education, also B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education, from Pacific Oaks College, and will continue on to work on  Master’s Degree.

Ms. Denisse
Big Orange Dragons 

Ms. Denisse was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She received her AA in Early Childhood Studies as well as an AA in Early Childhood Education at Santa Monic College. Ms. Denisse then received her bachelors degree at California State University, Long Beach in Child Development and Family Studies. ​Ms.Denisse has worked with children of different ages, from 3 months to 18 years old. She enjoys working with children and teaching them new things whether that is in the realm of play or in the classroom in small groups! In her free time she likes to draw, paint and watch movies! She enjoys drawing realism and painting cartoons! 

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