Big Red Dragons

For children 4-5 years of age.


The Big “Red” Dragons classroom has red accents which are the universal symbol of love. Red is recognized as a stimulant and motivates early learning. This color is also associated with enthusiasm and energy and helps in increasing confidence. It helps promote excitement and the desire to explore new things with speed and strength. 


Children at this age experience a tremendous amount of physical, emotional and cognitive growth.


Our lessons are fun, interactive and emergent in the areas of literature, phonics, math, music, art, science and sensory motor skills.  We encourage your child to explore and think outside the box, helping to cultivate a love for wonder and learning. We also promise to have a ton of fun! We want our Camelot Kids to enter Kindergarten with self confidence, to be fearless and excited about the whole idea of school and learning.  Kids leave Camelot as "Confident Learners".

Mr. Robert
Big Red Dragons AM/PM

Mr. Robert has 10+ years experience with children ages

2 – 5 years of age He has been with us from the beginning and is one of the founding teachers at Camelot Kids.


Mr. Robert is currently working towards his B.A in Psychology.  He enjoys playing guitar, watching sports and playing with his son Rocco.

Ms. Clarissa
Big Red Dragons AM/PM

Ms. Clarissa was born and raised here in Los Angeles, CA. She received a B.S in Child and Adolescent Development from California State University, Fullerton. She realized her passion for working in the early education field by working at the Children’s Center on campus. She believes in the importance of an age-appropriate curriculum for children and in making learning a fun experience for all. Ms Clarissa plans to continue to pursue her education and obtain a multiple subject Teaching Credential.

On her free time, Clarissa enjoys spending time with her friends and family, riding quads, and trying new foods. She especially loves traveling to Michoacán, Mexico to visit her mom’s hometown. Clarissa is a flower, music, and ice cream lover!