Big Red Dragons

For children 4-5 years of age.


The Big “Red” Dragons classroom has red accents which are the universal symbol of love. Red is recognized as a stimulant and motivates early learning. This color is also associated with enthusiasm and energy and helps in increasing confidence. It helps promote excitement and the desire to explore new things with speed and strength. 


Children at this age experience a tremendous amount of physical, emotional and cognitive growth.


Our lessons are fun, interactive and emergent in the areas of literature, phonics, math, music, art, science and sensory motor skills.  We encourage your child to explore and think outside the box, helping to cultivate a love for wonder and learning. We also promise to have a ton of fun! We want our Camelot Kids to enter Kindergarten with self confidence, to be fearless and excited about the whole idea of school and learning.  Kids leave Camelot as "Confident Learners".

Ms Fatima
Big Red AM Dragons
Ms Cintia
Big Red AM/PM Dragons

Ms Fatima has been working with children for 10+ years between the ages of 2-6. She began working with children at the age of 17 and it what was then that she realized how much she loved it. That made her pursue her dream in becoming an early child educator.


Ms Fatima is currently working towards her Associate’s Degree in Child Development at Glendale Community College. She loves helping and guiding children that way they gain confidence in themselves; to instill in them a love for learning and exploring.


She enjoys art, painting, drawing, reading, hiking, cycling, traveling and cooking. She lives in Echo Park and has a husky named Logan.

Ms Cintia, has been an early child development teacher for twenty years. She is committed to continuously improving to best inspire, and guide children. She has experience working with children from diverse backgrounds within birth to six years of age, has trained as a Montessori teacher, and taught at a Montessori classroom for 4 years where she was able to create an opportunity for children to engage and share in their learning.


Ms Cintia comes from a very close-knit family. She grew up with her parents and three siblings, in Hollywood, CA, and has a 10 year old son named Israel. She attended Pierce College, and received an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education, also B.A. degree in Early Childhood Education, from Pacific Oaks College, and will continue on to work on  Master’s Degree.


She looks forward to working with children and families in the school year ahead.

Ms Rita
Big Red PM Dragons

Ms Rita is of Armenian origin, born in Abadan-Iran. She had a wonderful childhood, growing in a very diverse society. This exposure made it easy for her to travel and feel right at home wherever she decided to set home. She studied nursing in London-UK. There she met her husband, they moved to Singapore, where she raised her family and learned to appreciate Asian cuisine and multitude of Asian fruits, herbs and remedies.


Thirteen years ago Ms Rita moved to California to spend time with her side of the family. A non-profit organization offered her a teaching opportunity at their pre-school. She had been teaching English as second language to Japanese expatriates for seventeen years, in Singapore. So teaching was her trade, and working with young children her passion. She took up the offer and worked at the institute for seven years. Meanwhile she acquired local credentials and permits as preschool teacher.


Ms Rita loves to spend time with extended family and friends. She constantly has them visiting her from near and far. She calls herself ‘A citizen of the world’; which is so appropriate, as she has lived and has family in almost every continent.

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