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Discovery Dragons

Our Parent & Me classes have three distinct programs. Our Discovery Dragons Program is for ages 18 mo. - 30 mo.  & their parent(s).

This pogram is Mon. & Wed. and/or Tues. & Thur. from 3:30-4:45pm 


This program builds on our Itty Bitty Dragons program and prepares your child to move on to our preschool program when age appropriate.


This class is designed to prepare your child for a school environment, including:

~ Building self esteem and autonomy 

~ Group dynamics 

~ Potty learning

~ Routine & consistency


Your child will be exposed to exciting activities that help them cognitively, visually, auditory, kinetically, linguistically, emotionally and sociall! Through bonding and play we encourage a joyful family connection. 


*Note: A parent or caregiver must accompany the child to each class.

Discovery Dragons Classes

March 1 – April 28
May 2 – June 30

Sign Language

Ms. Brooke (Mon/Thurs)

Peek-a-Boo Music

Ms. Lauren (Tue/Wed)

Instrument Bucket


 Ms. Brittany



Ms. Peggy  


In this calss children will explore a different way of communicating with their hands. When children learn to sign in ASL (American Sign Language), they are learning another language, including how to express themselves using their eyes, face, head and body movements.

Kindermusik brings parent and child together in a weekly class of music and exploration. It’s about developing physical, emotional, social, language and musical skills in your child. You as the parent are the best educator in your child’s life at this important stage of development. Kindermusik will give you the tools you need to carry on the learning in and out of the classroom!

Families make their own egg shakers, drums, rain sticks and guitars and play them in rhythms to macro beats and micro beats as well as play-a-longs to music from all cultures including our own.

Let’s Jam!! Taps, claps, drums, sticks, shakers, bells and scarves help children see and feel rhythm while learning to make music! Their bodies become a drum-set and their voices a synthesizer. They play musical games to find their own rhythm and pitch. This class includes playing, dancing and singing all kinds of music from all over the world.

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