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Little Green Dragons

For children 3.5 to 4.5 years of age.


The Little “Green” Dragons classroom is painted a luscious lime which represents nature, health, and our eco-system. It creates a calm and relaxed learning atmosphere. Green can also filter negativity, which puts students and teachers at ease and into a positive state of mind.


The color green promotes a sense of peace, harmony, renewal, youth and generosity.

Ms. Doris
Dept. Head
Little Green Dragons
ms doris_edited.jpg

Ms. Doris is born in raised in Los Angeles CA and a Virgil Village/Silver Lake neighborhood native. She considers herself a huge LA dodger fan and certified beach fanatic. She is the youngest out of four siblings and a dog mom to fur baby Charlie.


When Ms. Doris is not working, she takes Charlie on a ride through the Pacific Coast Highway and spends the day at the beach with an iced coffee at hand. Ms Doris is a local alumni to Thomas Starr King Middle school as well as Marshall High School. 

Ms. Doris is currently wrapping up her degree from Cal State LA and plans to graduate next fall semester with a concentration in Child Development, which is a field she’s been in for 5 years. The passion and love for children began when she was working at LACC’s child development center. She worked with many families in a diverse community and feels extremely grateful for the fellow educators who guided her in the journey of child development.


Ms. Doris believes children develop and learn from hands-on experiences and meaningful interactions. She practices strategies that facilitate confidence, foster independence, and guide them into a positive self-mindset. 

Ms. Jocelyn
Little Green Dragons
Ms Jocelyn_Headshot.jpg

Ms. Jocelyn was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Jocelyn discovered her passion in children when she took her first Child Development course in high school. Ever since then the passion has only grown. Ms. Jocelyn attended Rio Hondo College and graduated in the spring of 2023 with her Associates Degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Currently Ms Jocelyn is attending Cal State Los Angeles and pursuing her Bachelors in Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Ms. Jocelyn believes that every child should have the opportunity to express themselves whether that is creatively, intellectually or emotionally. 


When Ms. Jocelyn is not spending time with the dragons of Camelot, she is finishing up a book or looking for a new read and practicing her tennis skills. Her favorite food is Korean food so she also goes around to new Korean restaurants trying to find a new spot. Ms. Jocelyn also loves to spend time with her family and friends, and of course her doggy max. 

Ms. Nickasha
Little Green Dragons

Ms. Nickasha is from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. She has been an educator for thirteen years working in the field of Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Currently, Nickasha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from The University of California (Dominguez Hills) and completed field work and received an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College. 


As an educator, she strongly believes that developing a routine from an early age helps build consistency and independence and that children grow with guidance and develop a strong sense of self and autonomy in environments set up for safe intentional exploration and learning experiences.


When she is not thinking of ways to make the environment and class fun for children, she is creating opportunities to have fun with friends and family. She also enjoys hosting parties, going on nature adventures, and practicing meditation.

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