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Little Yellow Dragons

For children 3.5 to 4.5 years of age.


The Little “Yellow” Dragons classroom is painted sunshine yellow which is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy


The color yellow produces a warming effect, arousing excitement, enhaning concentration and generating muscle energy.  It also symbolizes enlightenment, and facilitates exploration of new things with an optimistic positive attitude. This color can stimulate the nervous system and aid in communication and creativity.

Ms. Jennifer
Department Head
Little Yellow Dragons and
Little Green Dragons
Ms. Betty

Little Yellow Dragons and
Little Green Dragons
Ms. Savannah
Little Yellow Dragons 
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Ms. Jennifer was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. A graduate of Pasadena High School, home of the bulldogs, she is currently attending Pasadena City College where she is working towards her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development. Her future plans include  transferring to Cal State LA to achieve her BA towards her teaching credentials. With a passionate commitment towards helping children reach their developmental goals. In hopes to guide children gain confidence in their intelligence, importance, and beauty, Ms. Jennifer absolutely loves working with children because she knows she is helping shape the young minds of future generations. 

When Ms Jennifer is not dedicating her time to studying or having fun with her students in class, she spends her time enjoying being a full time fur mama to her two fur babies. She has a cat named Nala who is a sour patch- first sweet then sour, as well as a Siberian Husky called Blue, who can melt all hearts and is a zoomy expert. She also enjoys spending time with her family, going on adventures in her Jeep, and eating yummy food!


Ms. Betty was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Not long after graduating from her high school, when she began working for various preschools in Los Angeles. Most of her early years in preschool education was as a teaching assistant, where she was inspired to pursue her associate’s degree in teaching at the UCLA Extension program.

Ms Betty has also worked for a Spanish Immersion Center, where she helped preschool students expand their fluency in Spanish.  Ms Betty is very passionate about early childhood education, especially having the opportunity to helping young children reach their full potential and creating community with parents and students in the classrooms.

Outside of work, Ms. Betty enjoys horseback riding, grabbing frozen yogurt and catching live concerts. 


Ms. Savannah was born in Los Angeles, CA raised in Downey, CA, where she attended and graduated from Warren High School in 2014. Shortly after she graduated, she moved back to Los Angeles, CA in 2014 and began to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Savannah is an extreme foodie and soaks up the sun at the beach any time she can. She is the youngest of one older brother and a dog mom to her fur babies Canelo and Mimi and a bunny mom to her sweet bunny Lola.

When Ms. Savannah is not working, she takes Lola to the park to run around and on walks around her neighborhood to chew on fresh grass and to dig. She also spends her weekends walking through Farmers Markets with an ice coffee in her hand and Canelo and Mimi in tow.

Ms. Savannah recently graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education from LACC in June of 2022. Her next step is to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills starting next fall semester primarily in Child Development, which is a field she has been involved in since 2018.  The passion and love for children began when she met her Step-son in 2016; that is when she decided she would pursue a career in child development to better assist her Step-son with his needs and also learn to help other children promote their learning abilities, independence and confidence. Ms. Savannah has worked with diverse families within a diverse community and is thankful for her mentors and educators who have enlightened her child development adventure.

Ms. Savannah believes that children develop, learn, and grow through hands-on experiences and meaningful interactions. She considers that a classroom should be a safe, caring environment where children are free to express themselves and allow the time they need to blossom and grow. All children are unique and have something special they can bring to their education. She uses strategies to help children communicate with their peers, teachers, and embrace the differences in others. 

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