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Little Knights Program

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Little Knights Program Pink & Aqua Dragons is for children 18 months to 2.5 years of age.

Program Options:

Little Knights Morning Program | 8:30am - 12:00pm

Little Knights Afternoon Program | 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Full Day Program | 8:30am - 4:30pm

Your Little Knight will have two “Discovery Rooms” to explore while they learn to be independent for the very first time with the guidance + care of our dedicated child development specialists.  Each room offer a warm, safe and nurturing environment with an indoor/outdoor play area, sandbox, and colorful corners to explore. 


It is here that we will help guide you and your child during their early years, working together to create your “Path To Preschool”. 

View the schedule at-a-glance here.

Additionally, activity centers + outdoor play are based on observations of each child and are planned to provide a daily balance of the following: indoor/outdoor, active/quiet, individual/small group, gross motor/fine motor, child initiated/teacher initiated.  The curriculum includes play experiences that foster growth in the Personal/Social, Cognitive, Sensorimotor and Language/Communication domains. 

Ms. Jackie
Pink & Aqua Dragons
Ms Jackie_Headshot.jpg

Ms. Jackie is born and raised in Los Angeles California and currently lives in Glendale. Family is a huge part of her life, but also, she is a lover of music, family gatherings on the weekends, and of course, Disneyland and other theme parks. Ms. Jackie is the only daughter of the six siblings, meaning she has five brothers! Ms. Jackie is the single parent of a 16 year old, her beautiful daughter Juliana.


When Ms. Jackie is not working she enjoys going to concerts, dedicates her free time to spend with her daughter and fiancé, and loves to be out with the family on long walks. Ms. Jackie is currently enrolled in Child Development courses and continues her path towards Early Education. The passion and love she has for young children began when she became a mother herself, inspiring her to pursue being an educator at ABC Educational Center. Soon after, she also worked at a Montessori school where she formed wonderful relationships with the children and families there.

Ms. Viridiana
Pink Dragons

Ms. Viridiana has been working with children since she was 15. Her journey with children began when she was given the opportunity to care for her neighbor’s son with special needs; it is here that she learned and grew from her experiences and realized that her passion is working with children. While working with children and adults with autism in specialized programs, Ms. Viridiana pursued her career in education by teaching at daycares and preschools.  Currently, she attends East Los Angeles College to earn her Associates in Early Childhood Development, with additional future plans of earning a Bachelors in Behavioral Child Psychology. She enjoys teaching and wants to help children flourish, try new things, and be able to express themselves!


Ms. Viridiana loves to spend time with her mother, her husband, and her family. She often enjoys going to the movies, finding new places to grab a quick bite, and exploring nature. Her hobbies are reading and enjoying the comfort of her kitty! 

Ms. Miracle
Aqua Dragons

Ms. Miracle is a southern California native- born in East LA, moved to El Monte when she was four years old, and raised there. She attended the University of California, Irvine and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychological Science. ‌ Ms. Miracle is attending Pasadena City College to earn her Associate’s degree in Child Development with a certificate in early childhood education. Her future plans are to transfer to the University of La Verne to earn her teaching credentials. Ms. Miracle is passionate about teaching young children- she strives to help children grow and nurture her students to be their authentic selves.


When not studying or working, Ms. Miracle is taking care of her animals in her self-built animal sanctuary! Currently she is caring for 4 lizards, 3 dogs, 2 frogs, 1 tortoise, 4 guinea pigs, and 1 crab. In her spare time she also loves traveling and hiking.

Ms. Denise
Aqua Dragons

Ms. Denise was born and raised in Lincoln Heights, LA. After graduating from Smidt Tech Alliance, she attended Cal State University Los Angeles. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development. Her passion for early childhood education started at a young age. Ever since helping raise her first nephew, seeing him reach his milestones and watching him grow, it has given her inspiration to help guide other young children as well. As a role model to her young nieces and nephew, and someone they can always count on, Ms Denise is determined to be that same kind of role model and guide for her students. Her nieces and nephew inspire her to go above and beyond herself. Ms. Denise strives to have a positive impact on their lives, helping students reach their developmental goals, along with being able to help express their emotions and ideas. 


During her free time, Ms. Denise loves spending time with her family & enjoys going on boat rides, off-roading, the movies, and loves trying out new foods in new places. 

Ms. Jeriah
Pink Dragons
Ms Jeriah_Headshot.jpg

Ms. Jeriah was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. She discovered her love for kids at a young age, when she started babysitting for family and families in her community. Going into high school she continued nurturing her passion for children when getting her first job at a daycare, where she worked for 5 years while also attending Antelope Valley College studying Early Child Development.

Over the past 8 years she has worked at public and private schools with children of all ages coming from diverse backgrounds of neighborhoods and communities. Being able to be a part of a child’s journey in guiding, teaching, and celebrating their individuality is what continues to drive her to be the best advocate for children that she can be- Ms Jeriah hopes to continue her advocacy through nurturing young children by helping them have a voice.

As the outgoing personality that she is, Ms Jeriah loves rollerskating and go-karting. In her spare time she enjoys trying out new cooking recipes and working on her poetry.

Little Knights Schedule

The pace and flow of the day for Little Knights is based on the individual needs of each child, in each class. We understand that each child has their own schedule for sleep, eating, and diaper changes, and that they are all at different  developmental stages. We have designed a schedule that attends to the caring needs of each child. View details of daily schedule here.

LK Schedule
LK Daily Schedule.jpg
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