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Top Three Sensory Play Activities

There are many ways to prompt a child's’ senses through activities that engage and encourage them to learn at a young age. One way is Sensory Play.

Through sensory play, preschool and kindergarten age children are encouraged to reach out and touch the world around them. When a child’s sense of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell are stimulated, they are in a world of discovery and creativity. Teaching young children through sensory play is developmentally beneficial and fun!!

At Camelot Kids we have developed a curriculum that utilizes sensory play on a daily basis. The children love playing with many different textures and objects as they investigate their way through learning.

Here are the Top 3 Sensory Play Activites that always get their attention:

+Water Play - Water and vessels and buckets and sand, what fun! Water play helps with cognitive skills and encourages creativity. Children learn about science through filling things up and pouring them out; between objects that float and objects that sink.

+Sand Castles - They look cool and are enjoyable to create. Children use their imagination to construct and learn spatial awareness through building them up and out. Sand castles are a natural draw to enlist a child’s sense of touch!

+Playdough - Colorful and mushy, what’s not to love? This timeless medium allows kids to pinch, poke, twist and mold with their own creative minds. Playdough develops control of the hands and fine motor skills as well.

These activities are just a few of the many that are available to help your child learn their way in the world. At Camelot Kids we engage students early in our Little Knight’s Discovery Dragons programs with these types of activities and more.

Camelot Kids preschool and kindergarten programs are some of the most innovative in the area. Learn more about what we do on campus, in our community and beyond, stay tuned for future posts in the areas of early childhood education, community events and school-year highlights.

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