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Excerpt from Betsy Brown Braun on "Home Pods" in California

This information is being shared from Betsy Brown Braun's recent newsletter, which features "a letter circulated by an organization of Los Angeles preschool directors, LAPP, Renae Plant, Director of Camelot Kids", regarding "home pods" in California.

From BBB's BLOG...

The Latest on Making School Choices and the Creation of Home Pods

"The creation of home pods is taking off in California. I share this information for the sole purpose of informing your decision making. You may not know how heavily licensed our child care and preschool programs are. It is all for your child's safety and well being.

In a letter circulated by an organization of Los Angeles preschool directors,LAPP, Renae Plant, Director of Camelot Kids wrote the following:

“As parents, in our desperate search for options, we came across a recent trend of creating or joining in spontaneous “home based pods” or parent run home schooling services presented to us via social media or word of mouth, and we want as educators to raise awareness of the implications those will present.

As soon as a parent, or group of parents, brings a teacher to the home and a payment is made on behalf of 2 or more students, the parent or the group are now officially employers. This means that the home where this program is offered needs to have the insurance that covers this type of business activity. As employers you are responsible for all Human Resource laws (federal and state), workers compensation, payroll, etc. Frequently, independent contractors are not suitable for recurring activity under the same business place (your home). It is important to know that California has enacted the strictest labor laws and few people qualify as independent contractors. An independent contractor must have his or her own business license, must have his/her own worker’s compensation insurance, and should have additional insurance that insures the home where the activity is taking place.

This is very risky business for everyone involved as you [parents] could all be liable for any injury or all disgruntled employee issues, litigation, etc… and disgruntled parents more so in the middle of an unfolding pandemic. The risk also includes anything that could happen inside or outside the home.

Particularly, issues related to Covid-19 cases are also automatically considered a workers compensation claim regardless if contracted at the place of employment or not. Someone contracting COVID will inevitably fall under scrutiny. Parents could be sued individually or as a group….”

“The California Department Community Care Licensing requires homes with more than one child to be licensed by the state and they face criminal charges and can be fined $200 per day for not doing so. See: license#:~:text=If%20you%20are%20providing%20care%20and%20supervision%20to%20non%2Drelative,will%20likely%20need%20a%20license.

In the event that you are putting together a home based pod for young children, this information is important for you know."

Betsy Brown Braun

Parenting Pathway, Inc.


At Camelot Kids Child Development Center we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of issues related to early childhood education and childcare during these unprecedented times. We encourage you to do your homework in order to make the best decision for your family, and to reach out should you need information and support. We are here for you.

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