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A Summer Camp to Remember

Where would we be without the promise of summer? Without the nostalgia of days gone by at the beach, the lake, traveling to see friends and family near and far?

We'd be where we are right now, in a strange time that we didn't see during a global crisis, civil unrest, and unfamiliar territory - all at once. As we aim to navigate these times we can say for sure this one thing, we are truly in this together, as community.

Since 2017 Camelot Kids Child Development Center has thrived as a family-centered palace in the middle of a bustling city. A place that children can feel safe, surrounded by friends, while celebrating milestones through early childhood education.

None of that has changed.

Since May 4 Camelot Kids has re-opened it's doors to provide essential childcare for families that returned to work. We simultaneously kept our E-Learning going for families that were able to work from home. Combined we maintained our enrollment at nearly 100% while adapting to constant change, updated state and county guidelines, and classroom dynamics. You can see the efforts of that here:

As we move through the last month of August at Camp Camelot we want to thank each of you for you support and flexibility as we navigate these ever-changing times. We thank your for the all the love, and for the community you continue to help us build. We appreciate you!

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