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A letter from Renae Plant:

Dear CK/LK Parents + CK/LK Alumni + CK wait list

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and Happy New Year 2020.

We have so much to be thankful for and I am looking forward to sharing an incredible 2020 with you all.


After spending the last 3 weeks back home in OZ and witnessing the pure catastrophic devastation the bush fires are causing to the people, nature and wildlife - I have no words. There was no end in sight as of Friday when I left, in fact another fire broke out near my family home the day after I left and it seems the whole country is ablaze.

As you know, Camelot Kids + Little Knights is all about community. Since our return, parents have been reaching out asking how they can help. So, I want to share some info for anyone wanting to give and help others in dire need.

I personally think the native wildlife is what is really going to be impacted the most with these out of control fires so adopting a Koala or giving to native wildlife rescue programs would be a wonderful way to help rehab these animals back into the wild. They estimate that over a billion mammals, birds, and reptiles have died in the fires already since September so helping save and rehab the ones that have survived is going to be key.

I'd like to share that Camelot is going to

adopt a Koala for each classroom.

I believe this is a wonderful way to teach our children about wildlife and also about giving back....and hey, who doesn't want a Koala as an adopted pet! Once upon a time I was lucky enough to have saved an injured Koala and a Kangaroo growing up as a kid in Australia before taking it to "The Croc Hunter" (AKA the legendary Steve Erwin. RIP).

Here are other ways that you + your family can help. - accepts donations to help all wildlife across Australia

Koala Hospital - Adopt a Koala

WWF - Adopt A Koala

Kangaroo Island Fund - this island was decimated...and needs so much help

RSPCA - helps all domestic animals + livestock + native animals

Australia Zoo - Wildlife Conservation - Home of the legend Steve Erwin

Also you can donate to these other amazing charities who are working on the ground with fire fighters and the victims who have lost everything in the fires.

Australian Red Cross - for bush fire victim recovery

GIVEIT - Helps buy essential items for fire victims

St. Vincent De Paul Society - Helps victims nationwide - Directory of volunteers around the world and how you can help even if overseas.

Image: ©

Keep in mind most of these donations are in Australian dollars which gives you more bang for your buck + every little bit helps!!


We appreciate all the love and support and helping others in need.

Have a gorgeous day,

Renae Plant


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