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Welcome + Welcome Back!!

A new #school year is nearly here!

We are getting so excited to see our classmates from last year and meet new friends + their families for the 2018-2109 school year at Camelot Kids!

For us, warm and sunny days were spent enjoying Summer Camp at Camelot; complete with tons of art, outdoor play, water adventures, dress-up days, snow cones, and we even squeezed in a little learning!

Many of you were traveling abroad, and to exotic locations worldwide, so we are sure you can spot a few salutation that you heard over the summer from the image above. It's pretty cool how vast our planet is, right!?! With so many cultures, sights and sounds to take in. We're looking forward to hearing more about your family's travel adventures.

“One of the great things about travel is that you find out how many good, kind people there are.”

—Edith Wharton


As we enter into our 11th year at Camelot Kids, in a community we love, a neighborhood we live in, eat in, play in, share time with friends in, we think about all of the bonds that have been created at CK, the friendships that we have made that will last a lifetime!

We are grateful to each family that entrusts us with their child's early years, well-being and childhood education. It's an honor for all of us.... for the staff members that have been with us for nearly a decade, for the new staff that is joining us and for the supportive community all around. This truly is the best place in all the land! #LongLiveCamelot.

Last week at Camelot we spent in staff development and campus beautification, prepping everything for a magical school year. One of the coolest things that occurred is when some of the Camelot Alumni (now teens!) and friends came by to help out AND enjoy a parking lot skate jam.......

Camelot = Community


We hope this message finds you enjoying a long weekend with your family + friends soaking in the last feels of summer! Be well + see you soon!

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