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Camelot Kids: Building a Legacy

Wowee, 2015!!

What joy, triumph, challenge and venture you have brought our way this year!

Who else is thankful for all of the lessons that this past year has brought? Who else is thankful that it's time to start a NEW Year?

As with each new year, there is great opportunity to breathe out the old and breathe in the new. We are thrilled for all that lies ahead at Camelot Kids; with new construction for Little Knights under way, a solid staff in-house and the truth about many of our toughest challenges being highlighted

for the actuality of what IS. If you haven't had a chance, please take a look at the recent Australian Women's Weekly article (click here), one that we feel lays out events that occured earlier this year in a very matter of fact way.

Not to mention, they took some pretty fun photos, lucky us!

Additionally, please take a moment to review the January, 2016 Braggin' Dragon for upcoming events and important dates!

In building the Camelot Kingdom legacy, it is important to note that we are unified in our efforts and confident in positive outcomes for all of us here at Camelot Kids. Thank you, loyal families and Camelot staff, for believeing in us and for keeping the peace. YOU are the foundation and the reason for all that we do. Happy New Year!!!

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