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100 Days + 8 yrs + LOVE = #CamelotKids

There's a party going on right here, it's a celebration to last throughout the year!!

100th Day Celebration:

Celebrating 100 Days with our Big Dragons & Kinder Dragons!!

The 100th Day is a special milestone to celebrate and take a break from the usual day to day routine. We have fun with the theme of 100 and the Camelot Big & Kinder Dragons are recognized for all of the hard work they have put in this year. At Camelot Kids, we are 100 times more GRATEFUL for the incredible kids in our school!

✦ 100 Days brighter

✦ 100 Days math savvy

✦ 100 Days and a little taller!

*Check our Instagram feed for the latest photos:

8 Year Anniversary at Camelot Kids!

It's incredible to look back and remember where we started and all that we have accomplished!

8 years since we saved Camelot Kids!

8 Years that we continue to be a cornerstone in our community!

8 YEARS that we have been working towards leaving a legacy for hundreds of families in the Silver Lake and Los Feliz area!

So how do we honor this Anniversary?

With a party, of course, darling!

Who's ready for some serious FUN?

All Camelot families are invited to COME CELEBRATE our wonderful community, one that continues to be "SO SPECIAL" for "SO MANY" for "SO MANY YEARS".

REMINDER: * Camelot's 8th Anniversary is this Friday, Feb. 12th. Please come dressed in your Valentine's best red + pink! Check the Braggin' Dragon for details:

PLUS, plus, PLUS!!!!

We are underway with the construction of our NEW FACILITY, happening as we speak!

The vision for this addition to our Camelot Kingdom is going to blow you away. Seriously, the time, thought and consideration we have put into envisioning a Parent Center for our community is straight from our heart.

We are thrilled to create more resources for more families.

Pictured here: Day 12 Framing of our New Facility.*Stay tuned as this magical endeavor unfolds.

♥ ♥ ♥ Lastly and MOST importantly - We do it all for LOVE!! ♥ ♥ ♥

In celebration of the notable day of the year when we honor LOVE; we want to convey all the love that we have for our staff, our families, our community, for our planet, and for each other.

We could gush our sentiments to you (and you would love it, you know you would ☺ ), but we'll simply state............

~ Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours ~

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