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Summer Ends with Memories!

And just like that *snap* Summer comes to an end ~

That means it’s a wrap for Summer Camp at Camelot Kids, too! Our last day is THIS FRIDAY! Then, it’s back in action for our new school year starting Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

Wow, did we have fun, though!! Thank you to all of the families and your wonderful children for participating in water play, themed dress up days, art + music and so much laughter and fun in between. We all had a blast!!

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Our end of the summer Olympic Celebration was a highlight for everyone. The children got to participate in obstacles and challenges just like they were seeing athletes do in the U.S. Olympics!

Okay, maybe a little less difficult, but Camelot Kids sure did feel accomplished and proud in all of their CK Olympic achievements.

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All in all, it’s been a very busy and fun-filled time of learning and growing here at CK. Plus, we know that most families have seen our latest development -

Little Knights LA.

But, did you know, Camelot Parents, that YOU can participate in the offerings that we have available at Little Knights?

Think about this scenario….you can drop your child off at CK for their school day and YOU CAN come work-out with us!! Just walk right across the way, in the back of campus at Little Knights and start your day off right!

EVERY DAY from 8:15-9:00 am we have a different class to help you feel good and be fit!

Our classes begin starting Monday, Sept 12th!

So, just after you get your child set up for the school year, you can start a fall routine for fitness!

Take a look at the full class schedule here: Little Knights Fitness Classes

After that you can head on your way to take care of all that you do in a day! Be sure to check local resources for upcoming happenings this fall. Some of our favorite resources include The Silver Lake Blog and The Silver Lake Star, these folks know what’s up!


Let's Celebrate!

Open House + Party

+ Celebration

@ Little Knights LA

Friday Sept 9th.


Come check out all that we have built, celebrate our first week of school and opening

of Little Knights LA!


A note from Renae and Livi:

“It's been a dream of ours since saving Camelot 9 years ago to build a place which will always remain a community preschool in our neighborhood. Today, after adding Little Knights, we feel very proud that know that now, no matter what, Camelot Kids and Little Knights feels complete! This will become a legacy in our community long after we are gone. Our drive and passion has always come from knowing that what makes people truly happy is a sense of belonging. We have invested the last 9 years into making our campus and our local public schools great so that the our community stays here and thrives here.

We are super excited to start this new journey and create a space where families can connect with each other from the [bump] and beyond.”

We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing in another successful school year together!

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