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All You Need is Spring!

There's been a ton of activity afloat in the past few months as we have eased into 2017. We've already celebrated our 9 year anniversary AND 100 days of school in the new year!! Plus, Camelot Kids enrollment gave us an opportunity to meet new families + plan for a thriving 2017-2018 school year.

100 days of school celebration, February 2017.


Women's History Month + International Women's Day!

We like to think of every day and every month as a reason to celebrate women, but this month is a time to really honor the feminineand all of the work in the world that has been done by so many strong women.

At Camelot Kids there's a special place in our hearts for Princes Diana. She, like many before her, lived a loving life that we could all learn from. There are also strong little women that we observe each and every day at Camelot, and their incredible mamas! Take a look around and notice the beautiful , courageous and delightful females in your life. #WomensHistoryMonth.


What is "success" or "successful" for you?

An Interview with Renae Plant for Voyage LA

"For me success comes with challenging myself daily. When I get a “NO” I always look to find ways to get a creative “YES”. I like to keep busy and do things that change the community in which we live. Success for me is when I can balance working and enjoying the fruits of my labor with my family. Time is all we have and to enjoy it defines success for me."

Director of Camelot Kids, Renae Plant, hangs out with kids during summer hotter months.

Read the whole story from Voyage LA about what where she's come from, what it takes to manage a busy life with 3 kids and what drives her on a daily basis to keep Camelot Kids and Little Knights LA thriving for the local community and beyond.


What about you?

Have a local human interest story or parenting topic that you want to share with us? We are actively looking for community partners to connect with. Whether you are a Camelot Parent with a new topic to discuss or a neighbor of Camelot Kids, let us know what you have going on in #SilverLake, #LosFeliz and neighborhoods "Just West of the Eastside".

Until then..... Be well!!

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