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May is for Mamas!

The month of May is all about the world around us beginning to blossom as we step into spring and jet towards summer. The most important of the all....honoring Mom!

In celebration of mom we have crafted a little list of things

to do, eat or see in #LosAngeles that will make

Mother's Day weekend extra special + decision making free!


5 FANTASTIC Things to Do in #LA on (or near) Mamas Day:

1) Take a Day Trip!

Go north to Ojai or south to Laguna and enjoy the breeze. Here's a list of the top 15 places from

2) Book ahead for Parent's Day Out this Friday at Little Knights LA.

Mom can take this time to get her tresses beautified for the weekend or stop at nearby Raven Spa for a massage! She'll love that you gifted her going into the her big day!

3) Create a dream menu for a breakfast in bed!

Mix it up with blood oranges + whip cream, egg casserole with her favorite veggies, yogurt parfait + granola, croissants w/ berries, green, scratch that, CHAMPAGNE! (Check out ideas from Real Simple)!

4) Get flowers ahead of time and make all kinds of creations for mom to enjoy:

- A flower crown

- Dried flowers for her bath

- A flower petal hand-made card

- Rose petal infused tea

You see?

5) Last, but not least, just love her a bunch!

All mom really wants is a little peace, quiet and possibly adventure. Today is all about whatever her heart desires. She's mom, she's the bomb!!

Happy Mother's Day

to all the

Awesome Mamas!


Here's what's ahead at Camelot Kids!

It's that time when we start to think about our biggest celebration of the year! Take a look and STAY TUNED for details + community partner announcements!

Can't wait to see YOU at our Summer Serenade

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