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A Salty Summer!

Hellloooooo summer-lovin' friends, family + community!!

We are underway with Summer Camp here at Camelot Kids, which means lots of water play! Hooray. When we are not on campus we try to take in the sunshine and free flowing good vibes here in #SilverLake, #LosFeliz and our favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

We are sure that you are well on your way to summer adventures as well! We look forward to seeing your images as you trapse around the globe. Use the hashtag #CKLA so we can spot you on travels with your littles.


ATTENTION Camelot Parents:

We've added GRADUATION + #SummerSerenade

photos that you can download!

Check them out here:


We hope you enjoyed the 4th of July!!

Don't forget that, as part of our Camelot Community, you can come to Fitness Fun at Little Knights LA each morning of the week from 8:15-9:00. Get a booty kickin' work out and keep that summer bod movin' and shakin' !!

We also have Open Play dates, Parents Day Out and Disco Knights events happening ALL Summer long at Little Knights.

You don't have to drive far to have local fun! Join us ~

Other Summer Fun includes:


What's your favorite place to visit during summer?

Leave a comment below!

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