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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It's Our 10th Anniversary

Let us take you back on a visual journey through time, when a mom of three was prompted into action as her children's preschool was about to close its doors. It's February 2008, and while pregnant with her third child, Renae Plant knew that she had to do something; this neighborhood school had become a cornerstone for her family. Her husband Livinio and a few other school parents put their heads together, toiled through the red tape of the Department of Social Services, and saved Camelot Kids! It was a moment in time that would lead us here 10 years later.....

On February 10, 2018 Renae and Livinio invite you to celebrate all that Camelot Kids LA is today; a thriving, vibrant and impressive version of what it was 10 years ago.

To honor this milestone we encourage you to come dressed in Royal Attire!

Festivities will be held at L.A. River Studios with tunes that are certain to keep you dancing all night long from DJ Daisy O'Dell, a phenom in her own right that has been rocking A list parties in 2018 and beyond!! Entry also includes:

- a visit with the Tarot Reader

- an exclusive Cigar Bar

- a lively Casino complete with black jack, craps + roulette

- delicious Food

- swanky Drinks

- major Photo Booth shenanigans

- and, so much More!

Gawwww, it's going to be a blast!!


If attending one of the 2018 Parties of the Year isn't already on your resolution list, now it is! We look forward to seeing you on February 10th to dance the night away!! On our campus we also took time to talk about #NewYear resolutions. Here's what our staff had to say about their 2018 to do list(s):

Mr. Matt - to get into a routine

Ms. Glady's - Stay healthy + have a baby!

Ms. Gohar - Travel through Europe, especially Switzerland

Ms. Roxanna - Save money for a new home

Ms. Gaby - To not have ANY resolutions + just live in the moment

Mr. Neil - Spend more time with my dog, Indigo

Ms. Patricia - Self-Care + eating healthy

Ms. Yolanda - To see growth in every aspect of my life

Ms. Angee - to lose a few extra pounds by exercising + eating healthy

We are sure you can relate to a few of these?!?


So, what did our Camelot Kids' dragons have to say about resolutions for the New Year? Take a look! Walking into the New Year.....

Learning about Dino's, watering plants, traveling to Japan.......sounds like pretty stellar goals if you ask us.

All in all, we hope you find peace, happiness + gratification in any of your

2018 endeavors!

With Love, Camelot Kids LA

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